Random Nugget: Aliens get a fabulously boring makeover from NASA

Where are the aliens from? Earth, dumbass.

When NASA announced they would reveal an incredible discovery in astrobiology that would affect the all-important search for extraterrestrial life, many of us had visions of tentacled centaurs that shoot lasers from their eyes prancing about in the foggy smog of Jupiter’s alien super swamps.

Instead, we got pond scum in California.

Nice work, NASA. Although the discovery of a bacteria that feeds on and incorporates arsenic into its DNA is a big deal (to you), you didn’t really need to get everybody all worked up. A simple press release would have sufficed. No need to go all LeBron on us with your agonizing delays before a predictably uninteresting announcement.

But then again, we’re all suckers for the old “Alien News!” teaser. Let’s just hope that the arsenic-loving bacteria doesn’t decide to take its talents to South Beach.


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