Burning Question: How can I retain my sanity this Thanksgiving weekend?

Damn your gratefulness, pilgrims and savages!

Oh the turkey, the trimmings, your closest family and treasured friends — it must be that time of year again, time to congregate with loved ones and give thanks for all the wonderful blessings you’ve received throughout the years. Now if you can just get through the day without killing somebody! That would certainly be something to be thankful for.

While there are some aspects of  Thanksgiving that can be tiresome (excessive travel and multiple stops on the “Thanksgiving Express”; crotchety relatives who quickly remind us why we see them only once a year; hours of small talk, football, boring chores and endless clean up; and, of course, more food than an elephant could comfortably consume) there is some hope.

With very little effort, you can sidestep the pitfalls of Thanksgiving and survive to fight (and eat) another Turkey Day. Here’s how. Read more…


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