Random Nugget: Interspecies breeding and you

No caption necessary.

We’ve all heard the ubiquitous jokes about lonely farmers and frightened sheep; the bizarre stories of a select few “animal enthusiasts”; and even that old yarn regarding a hazily remembered “mudshark incident” during a Led Zeppelin tour stop.

But who could have known that the same practice responsible for these amusing tidbits is not merely relegated to perverts with a penchant for bestiality, but may also be a fledgling hobby of Mother Nature herself—one that may have led to the creation of the human race as we know it today.

That’s right: You and I could be the descendants of an early torchbearer of interspecies hybrids, a category that includes man-made abominations such as the liger, the zorse, and the wholphin, according to the New York Times.

Various kinds of evidence indicate that modern humans migrated out of Africa and reached the Middle East more than 100,000 years ago and Europe by about 45,000 years ago, and would have or could have encountered Neanderthals for some time in each locale. The crucial question for paleontology, archaeology, and paleogenetics has been what transpired between the two species. To put it a little more crudely, did we date them or kill them, or perhaps both?

I can imagine the pick-up lines now: Do you have any Neanderthal in you? No? Would you like to?

While this new development is significant if not startling, it comes as no shock to those familiar with the disturbingly hilarious “Kids in the Hall” character affectionately known as the Chicken Lady. But whatever the evidence may bring to bear, the fact remains that all animals—regardless of species—need a little lovin’ every now and then.


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