The cold hard facts about life’s origins on Earth

Uh oh.

Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and wondered how this crazy thing called “life” got its start on our rocky little planet?

Join the club. Ever since we’ve had our wits about us, humans have been looking for answers to this and other enormous (and possibly unknowable) philosophical questions about our origins.

For this particular question, there are plenty of half-cocked theories: God’s fifth grade science project got a little out of hand; hyper-intelligent aliens thought it might be smart to flood the universe with their seed (see Chariots of the Gods); we’re all just ones and zeroes drifting through the Matrix; and so on.

But good ol’ rational science has its own theory—and that means giant mountains of ice, rock and organic particles hurtling through the vastness of space at ridiculous speeds, crashing into the nearest rocky orb. All things considered, it would be pretty lucky if they managed to find and impact our little molten mud ball billions of years ago and jumpstart the miracle of life, don’t you think?

According to a recent article on, there’s at least some proof that asteroids—once thought to be waterless due to their usual proximity to the sun—contain the fundamental elements of life, including water and key organic compounds that could have jumpstarted life following the initial collision with the then uninhabitable Earth.

Geochemists believe that early Earth went through a molten phase that would have removed any organic molecules, meaning any new organic material would have had to come to the planet at a later time, said Humberto Campins at UCF.

“I believe our findings are linked to the origin of life on Earth,” he added.

Well, that settles it, right?

While it may be next to impossible to prove what caused life to exist on this planet, there is a current push by NASA to prove the existence of  microbial life in other places inside our own solar system.

Now if they could only figure out how to get those  disastrous telescope balloon launches taken care of, we might come to know more about our own beginnings and the origins of all life in the universe.


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