Random Nugget: The secret life of beer


If you’re like me—fat, lazy and often bored out of your mind—you’ve probably had a nip or two from a cold, delicious beer: an aromatic libation fit for the gods (and anyone else with 99 cents for a tallboy).

But according to this alcoholic infographic, beer has had an addictive grip on Earth’s inhabitants since the advent of civilization nearly 10,000 years ago, when the Babylonians apparently grew tired of paradisiacal sobriety and turned to hot, drunken war-mongering.

While interesting, the former statement is not all that surprising. A more shocking revelation may be that today, the Irish—the proud island-dwellers who relish their reputation as the world’s most drunken people—come in second to the Czechs as the planet’s largest consumers of beer.

As the eminent Irishman Kelly O’Brien O’Flannigan Houlihan once said: “‘Ooh the ‘ell cares … another pint, Laddy!”


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