Baseball, America’s (anticlimactic) pastime

We'll wake you in October.

Spring training for Major League Baseball’s 2010 season is underway. The excitement is palpable. Teams are evaluating young talent, setting pitching rotations, prepping for pennant runs and scaling down rosters in anticipation of opening day in April.

And then … thud.

After the initial euphoria caused by baseball’s return, fans are hit with the sudden realization that more than half a year’s worth of idle base-runners, pitcher’s mound conferences, and infield fly-rules remain until the excitement of the postseason begins. In no other sport is there such a mind-numbing lull between the start of the season and anything even resembling a meaningful game.

Just imagine the intensity of a June afternoon matchup between the third-place Colorado Rockies and the fourth-place San Diegzzzzzzz—oh, sorry I just fell asleep while writing that sentence.

And therein lies the true nature of baseball enjoyment—get excited, drink a few beers, get comfortable and feel free to blackout, because this shit’s going to last a long, loooooooong time.

*SPOILER ALERT* The Yankees will probably win it all again. Now we can enjoy the next seven months waiting for football season.



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